The Times and Teachings of Joseph Smith DVD




The Times and Teachings of Joseph Smith is a direct to DVD compilation of several short films of dramatic stories that provide insight into the teachings of Joseph Smith and help today’s viewers understand the events that molded his life. It includes fourteen all-new original presentations of Joseph Smith’s teachings. Perfect for families and classrooms! Designed to complement current Priesthood and Relief Society manuals.

“Truly inspiring! This beautifully crafted glimpse into portions of Joseph’s life adds tender depth and a broader understanding of the gospel principles that richly bless our lives today.” – Anita Stansfield

“The Times and Teachings of Joseph Smith is an engaging movie that will take you back in time to hear the Prophet describe his personal encounters with heavenly beings and listen to him teach many of the essential doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ. Intertwined with the historical sequences are meaningful testimonies of modern Saints who share how the latter-day Seer has affected their lives for good by helping them draw closer to the Savior and His restored gospel. This production is informative, sometimes moving, and sure to enhance the viewer’s understanding about a life lived for the up building of mankind and the glory of God.” Matthew B. Brown


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