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T.C. Christensen (director of Treasure in Heaven and Only a Stonecutter) says Discovering Emma “answers many questions Latter-day Saints have of Emma Smith.”

To this day, Emma Hale Smith remains a revered yet enigmatic figure in Church history. As the first president of the world’s largest women’s organization, the Relief Society, and as a scribe for her husband as the Prophet translated portions of the Book of Mormon, Emma played a crucial part in the founding of the restored gospel.

Yet her decision to remain in Nauvoo after her husband’s martyrdom resulted in deep misunderstandings. The apparent friction between her and Brigham Young, Emma’s feelings on plural marriage, her role in the RLDS Church, and her marriage to Lewis Bidamon are just some of the topics explored in this documentary. Join prominent LDS scholars and authors Susan Easton Black, Gracia Jones, and Paul Smith as they reveal answers to the questions about Emma’s life and history.

Includes English SDH subtitles and Spanish subtitles. Running time 80 minutes.


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