Emma Hale Smith – My Story DVD



The Joseph Smith and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society in collaboration with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints tells the story of the restoration through the eyes of the wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. By the side of the founder of a new faith stood an elect lady of undeniable courage, Emma.

From Emma’s point of view, we see the events that molded the wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormon faith) into a strong and compassionate woman. The film begins near the end of Emma’s life. Her adopted daughter, Julia Murdock Smith, returns home to Emma and shares several hardships she has had. Emma relates to Julia some of her own life’s experiences to give her a different perspective and illustrate the importance of maintaining faith amid such trials. Various turning points in Emma’s life are revealed as she recounts experiences ranging from her childhood with a father that was very strict and who forbade praying in the home, to her courtship and marriage to Joseph Smith, and the challenges she faced in being the wife of the Prophet. The film also includes brief insights into her life and character after the martyrdom of Joseph until her own death in Nauvoo in 1879.

“Profoundly Impressive This is a cut above anything that has ever been done.” Truman Madsen

“Wonderful, Marvelous, Tender Presentation of an Elect lady!” Susan Easton Black



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