The day will come when the seed of Joseph Smith will roar as the Lion that Jesus is the Christ

You remember very well how it was with Terah, the father of Abraham. He was of the chosen seed, but he was an idolater. Yet he was heir to the promises, and because of that Abraham, through that heirship, and through descent, or the blessing that came through that descent, was able to go unto God and to plead for and receive the blessings that God had promised through the fathers unto him and unto all who belonged to that chosen seed. And so it maybe with us. There may be faithful men who will have unfaithful sons, who may not be as faithful as they might be; but faithful posterity will come, just as I believe it will be the case with the Prophet Joseph’s seed. To-day he has not a soul descended from him personally, in this Church. There is not a man bearing the Holy Priesthood, to stand before our God in the Church that Joseph was the means in the hands of God, of founding—not a man to-day of his own blood,—that is, by descent,—to stand before the Lord, and represent him among these Latter-day Saints. But will this always be the case? No. Just as sure as God lives, just as sure as God has made promises, so sure will some one of Joseph Smith’s posterity rise up and be numbered with this Church and bear the everlasting Priesthood that Joseph himself held.  It may be delayed in the wise providence of our God. There are many things that we cannot understand, cannot see the reason why they should be so; but these promises are unalterable God made them to Joseph during his lifetime; and they will be fulfilled just as sure as God made them. He (Joseph) will have among this people, some one descended from his own loins, who will bear the everlasting Priesthood, and who will honor and magnify that Priesthood among the Latter-day Saints…  DISCOURSE BY PRESIDENT GEORGE Q. CANNON, Delivered in the Stake Meeting House, Ephraim, Sanpete County, November 16th, 1884. REPORTED BY JOHN IRVINE

Gracia Jones

Michael Kennedy

Joseph Smith did not live long enough to see his children grow up nor give his sons the priesthood he restored. He did baptize his son Joseph but he was only 11 at the time of his death. The first person from Joseph Smith's own blood to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood was Michael Kennedy who was ordained in 1974. Hear his testimony on how the gospel came into his life.

Phil Beem

Phil Beem is the 3rd great grandson of the Prophet Joseph Smith and tells his conversion story and shares his testimony of the power of Jesus Christ in his life. Since his conversion he has served as Bishop and counselor in the Stake Presidency and has helped many in their lives. Joseph Smith's posterity are roaring as the lion that Jesus is the Christ to the world.

David Denning

David Denning is the 3rd great grandson of Joseph Smith through Coral Smith, Alexander Hale's last child. David has always believed Joseph was a Prophet of God but developed a testimony as he was preparing for his mission in China. Following his mission he served in the Air Force.

Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith's 2nd great grandfather is the Prophet Joseph Smith. He testifies he has always had the belief that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, he did translate the gold plates. His testimony includes what the Spirit also taught him.

Emma Belle Izatt

Emma Belle Kennedy Izatt, 4th great grand daughter to Joseph and Emma testifies of the importance of togetherness in families comparing the Smith family to the Kennedy family.

Tory Savage

Tory testifies of Joseph Smith and the love of his heritage.

Katie Marie Perry

While attending the Joseph Smith Jr family reunion in Nauvoo, Illinois 2007, Katie speaks of her love of her family heritage and testifies that Joseph Smith was indeed a Prophet of God

Judy Madison

Judy Madison is the 3rd great granddaughter of Joseph Smith through Alexander. She recently lost her battle to cancer but died having a testimony of Joseph Smith. This testimony given at a reunion in Nauvoo 2007