Emma’s Glory and Sacrifice



Emma desired most of all to have all of her children with her husband together throughout all eternity.  To this, Joseph promised she would have that.  A promise repeated after each loss of her children.  Then, in 1844 her husband the Prophet is murdered.  Yet, she still has faith in her husband’s promise.  Upon her death, in vision, she sees Don Carlos and asks of Joseph, “Where are the rest of my children?”.  This painting reflects that promise.  Joseph Smith III has passed this life in 1914, his father greets him at the veil and brings him to his mother and the rest of his family.  Emma has all of her children with her looking forward to the day of their resurrection.

Ever since the loss of Emma’s first child at the same time of the loss of the first 116 pages of the manuscript during the translation from the Gold Plates, the Prophet Joseph Smith promised Emma that one day she would have all of her children.   Joseph continues to promise Emma after the loss of each of her next 5 children.  In 1844, Joseph the testator, dies and Emma continues to have faith in that promise one day she would have all of her children.  In 1915, Emma’s last living child, Joseph III, is brought into the Spirit World by the Prophet into the waiting arms of his mother who is joined at this Joyous Reunion by Joseph Sr., Lucy Mack, Hyrum Smith and all of Joseph’s family.  Emma now has her complete family to await together for the Resurrection day.

This 11×14 print exclusive from the Joseph Smith Jr & Emma Hale Smith Historical Society, painting by Julie Roberts.


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