Emma and Her Family DVD Combination


This 3 volume set will be of great value to any who want to know more about the family of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  “Emma Hale Smith – My Story” listen as Emma explains to her daughter, Julia,  her experience  with her husband being a Prophet of God, his organization of the Church and the many miracles he performed and she became an eye witness to all of it.  “Discovering  Emma” historians come together to tell you personal details of Emma’s life and experiences, the choices she faces.  “Children of Joseph” explains what happened to the children of the Prophet.  Learn these true accounts produced by the family of the Prophet Joseph Smith and Emma.

With each purchase also comes a 4th DVD, “The Times and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith”.  The Times and Teachings of Joseph Smith is a direct to DVD compilation of several short films of dramatic stories that provide insight into the teachings of Joseph Smith and help today’s viewers understand the events that molded his life. It includes fourteen all-new original presentations of Joseph Smith’s teachings. Perfect for families and classrooms! Designed to complement current Priesthood and Relief Society manuals.

We know you will value this collection for many years.  Shipping charges included.



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