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Thomas Carlin Governor of Illinois

Thomas Carlin (July 18, 1789 – February 14, 1852), a farmer, soldier and Jacksonian Democrat, was the seventh Governor of Illinois (from 1838 to 1842) and also served in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly.[1] He became the first Democrat nominated at an Illinois state convention, as well as the last Illinois governor who fought Native Americans. His gubernatorial term was noted for its inconsistency, as he had limited financial experience and the state suffered the aftereffects of the Panic of 1837 as well attempted to fund a costly Internal Improvements Act passed by the state legislature over his predecessor’s objections.

It is of interest, Emma and the other refugees from Governor Boggs extermination order in Missouri took refuge in Quincy, Illinois just across the Mississippi River.  Quincy well cared for the fleeing Saints.  Emma had hope this Governor would also aid her husband as he was a native of Quincy.