Emma’s Pearls


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Joseph Smith gave Emma a necklace which she valued above all personal possessions.  This necklace was worn by her until the day she passed away.  It was a constant reminder of her love and devotions to her husband.  Julie Rogers captures a tender reflection of such a moment in this 11x 14 print.

Emma wore these beads for the rest of her life. Through this painting we sense that Emma wants us to know she is okay. Emma’s powerful faith and incredible strength are reflected in her face. She is the elect lady the Lord proclaims her to be. In the background of the painting is the Nauvoo temple representing the covenants that Emma received and then passed down to all the women in the church. The orange in the painting represents the fire of the covenant. Emma’s eyes are looking right into the viewer’s eyes showing that we are all tied to her and to the gospel of Jesus Christ through these covenants.

Purchase of this art piece also comes with a magazine, a behind the scenes look of the making of Emma Smith My Story film, published by Angeline Washburn, 4th great granddaughter of Joseph and Emma.


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